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WM Interior Designs specializes in bringing out your greatest visions. Your space should be a Safe Haven for you and your loved ones to grow and blossom.  WM Interior Designs offers expertise in Interior Design, Custom Home Decor', Design Planning, Remodeling and Home Staging. Through consulting, planning and executing; your space will be the Divine Luxury of Your Dreams.

What is E-Design?

E-design is an affordable option for interior design services. It allows you to have a Pinterest worthy home without breaking the bank or leaving your home. After answering a short questionaire and taking a few measurements, You will be provided with a  detailed Floor Plan, Step by Step Instructions, Mood Board, shopping list and a 3D Render (select packages) to create the Beautiful home of your dreams at your convenience. 


I am nervous about drawing and measuring my room. This sounds difficult.

Please don’t be intimidated by this part! I don’t need a work of art, just a very simple sketch with some basic dimensions. I even created a “Sample Floor Plan” PDF in your Welcome Package, that shows exactly how to draw out your room. To make it easier on you, you will see in the Measuring Guide that I just need some basic measurements.  I want the process to be simple for you. It should take you less than 20 minutes. 

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I'm afraid I won't like what you've selected.

My goal is for you to Love your space and for it to reflect your personal style.  I offer one round of revisions to your package. If you are still not happy with an item, it will be easy to replace it with an item that you like better. A shopping list will be provided so you can shop at your convenience and replace items that your aren't in love with.

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Why should I choose e-design over traditional interior design?

When working with a traditional interior designer, most of the time is spent running to different stores, meeting with clients which takes quite a bit of time.  With e-design, everything is done online. This saves time and allows clients the privacy and convenience they need and also saves you a ton of money without losing quality designs. 

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